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Meal-o-Matic, a meal delivery service that brings convenience, satisfaction and cost savings to healthy eating.

food and drink
Product Type
Convenience of fast food without sacrificing healthy eating.
Market Size & User Personas
The global convenience food market is estimated to be around $669 billion. We target young working adults, health-conscious consumers, and busy parents.
A meal delivery service that provides pre-made balanced meals that are fresh, delicious and nutritious.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
We provide ready-made nutritious meals that provide convenience, satisfaction, and cost savings.
Pain Points to Solve
Convenience of fast food without sacrificing healthy eating.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online ordering via website, App, Social media platforms.
Revenue Stream Sources
Revenue will be generated from meal sales, subscription services and ads.
Cost Structures
Costs include food, labor, supply chain, delivery, packaging and technology.
Key Activities
Securing ingredients and product sourcing, contactless delivery and tapping into viral marketing opportunities.
Key Resources
Leadership, chefs, staff, food production and delivery logistics.
Key Partners
Food suppliers, delivery companies, partnerships with gyms and organizations for discounts and promotional offers.
Competition Landscape
Food delivery services (such as Uber Eats and MealPal) and meal kit services (such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron).
Competition Advantage
We stand out with more variety and customization of portions, better pricing and convenience.
Idea Validation Steps
Survey customers to understand the demand; validate pricing; gauge customer satisfaction; and use A/B testing to evaluate improved menus.
Potential Business Challenges
High operational costs; competition and rapid changes in technology and customer needs.