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City Discovery Tours

City Discovery Tours provides personalized and tailor-made city tours with no hidden costs, allowing travelers to discover culture at a much lower cost.

Product Type
People lack the time or resources to craft meaningful and memorable trips to new cities.
Market Size & User Personas
People who are limited by time, resources, or knowledge to craft unique trips and experiences to new cities. Travelers, mostly for leisure purposes, 25-35 years old, city dwellers, digitally active, with mid-high income levels.
City Discovery Tours offers curated and customized day tours of cities with an understandable and appealing pricing model. Tours have destinations that include unique cultural, historical, and experiential sites that each city offers.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
City Discovery Tour’s value proposition is to provide a personalized tour experience with no hidden costs and no-haggle prices that allow customers to discover the culture of a city they’re visiting at a much cheaper cost than traditional city tours.
Pain Points to Solve
Available group tours are often too expensive, while independent travel is difficult to navigate, due to lack of local knowledge or resources. City Discovery Tours serves as a solution to these problems, by curating tours that are carefully crafted and provide hassle free, memorable experiences.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online, Social Media, Brick and Mortar Tours, Tourist Information Bureaus, Street Vendors, and Tourist hostels.
Revenue Stream Sources
Revenue will come from tour packages, commission from partnering with local vendors, and attracting customers through advertising partnerships.
Cost Structures
Costs will include staff wages, tour guide salaries, advertisement and marketing expenses. The packages will be designed to cover these costs while still staying aggressive with pricing.
Key Activities
Designing, curating, and managing tours and packages, coordinating local vendors and partners, and building relationships with local establishments.
Key Resources
Working with local tour guides and coordinators, contacts at local tourist information bureaus, and developing partnerships with local vendors, restaurants, and attractions.
Key Partners
Tour guides, local vendors, local tourist information bureaus.
Competition Landscape
Currently there exist several traditional tour companies, as well as larger online travel agencies. City Discovery Tour differentiates itself through its ease and flexibility of use, and its competitive prices.
Competition Advantage
The competitive advantage of City Discovery Tours is the reasonable, flat-rate pricing with no hidden costs, and the quick, personalized service that can be tailored for each individual customer.
Idea Validation Steps
Interviewing potential customers, surveying people to understand their needs and expectations when travelling, and getting feedback from current tour operators.
Potential Business Challenges
Managing customer expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and creating a brand image that is different from existing players in the industry.