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Public Data Platform

Public Data Platform provides the public with easy to use and accurate search platform with access to organized public data.

Product Type
Government data is not easily accessible to the public online.
Market Size & User Personas
Citizens, government organizations and businesses.
Public Data Platform is an online portal that allows the public direct access to easily search and view government data organized into customized search tags.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
The Public Data Platform provides end users with an easy to use and accurate search platform with access to organized public data, allowing users to make informed decisions.
Pain Points to Solve
Difficult to access easily searchable public data, and data not organized into understandable formats or consumer-friendly tags.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social mediag, referral programs, word of mouth, and advertising.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription services, advertising and affiliates.
Cost Structures
Development costs, salary to employ managers, customer service staff and technical staff, marketing fees and hosting fees.
Key Activities
Design, develop, and maintain the web platform, invest in customer service and technical support staff.
Key Resources
Talented software developers, marketing personnel, customer service staff and technical staff, web hosting services.
Key Partners
3rd-party software developers, web hosting services and advertising companies.
Competition Landscape
Government websites that are difficult to navigate; other online search portals, although not specific to government data.
Competition Advantage
Easy to use and organize public data into searchable tags, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.
Idea Validation Steps
Validate the potential market size and customer pain points, customer survey to analyze customer needs, competitive analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
Ensuring accuracy of the data, security and encryption of data, ensuring frequent updates, customer satisfaction, and developing partnerships.