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SmartInvest is a financial platform helping users take control of their investments with advice, information, and recommendations tailored to their individual needs.

Product Type
Lack of financial literacy and access to personalised financial advice tailored to each individual
Market Size & User Personas
Millennial and Gen-Z populations enthusiastic about taking part in autonomous financial planning, looking for reliable and easy-to-use solutions
With SmartInvest, individuals can easily get tailored financial advice, information and recommendations which help them devise and track a long-term financial plan suitable to their goals and with all their financial data in one place. It allows customers to analyse their portfolios and identify potential areas of improvement while giving access to suitable investments more easily.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
SmartInvest provides users with a unique financial planning experience tailored to their individual needs, enabling them to make smarter decisions on their investments, while getting the support of experienced advisors to help them reach their financial goals.
Pain Points to Solve
Financial illiteracy and lack of access to personalised advice, difficulty in understanding and tracking investments and high cost of fees per transaction.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online and offline platforms like Google Ads, Social Media Platforms, Activations at events, Outreach programs, Affiliates, referrals, SEO and Content marketing activities.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription plans, Online advertisements, Financial Partnerships, and Personalised consultancy packages.
Cost Structures
Salary to staff members, Cost of technology and tools, Office utilities and rent, Advertising and marketing expenses and Regulatory compliance costs.
Key Activities
Developing financial tools, Translating financial markets insights into user-friendly advice, Diversifying and optimising user investments, Building and maintaining software, Educating user about financial topics, Leaning on technology to create the most cost-efficient solutions.
Key Resources
Software developers, Designer, Financial Market Analysts, Data Scientists, Research consultants, Relationship Managers, and Marketers.
Key Partners
Financial technology partners, Financial advisors, Asset Managers, Custodians and Fund providers
Competition Landscape
Financial Technology startups, Wealth Management Systems, Robo-Advisors, Online marketplaces, and Traditional Financial Institutions.
Competition Advantage
SmartInvest offers personalised financial advice supported by AI and machine learning technology, allowing users to plan for their financial security with total transparency and cost efficiency.
Idea Validation Steps
Performing market research and conducting interviews with potential customers to understand their requirements, Understanding existing solutions and identifying what sets SmartInvest apart, Conducting online surveys and online user testing of the product and running a pilot program with a selected group of users.
Potential Business Challenges
Increasing number of competitors, Regulatory compliances, Need to maintain a secure platform, Need of updated content and benchmarking of financial products, Keeping up with market fluctuations, Difficulty in marketing across multiple platforms, and Performance issues.