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HappyTaps - Automated Beer Tap Service

HappyTaps is an automated beer tap service that offers restaurants and bars a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective dispensing process.

food and drink
Product Type
Filling glassware with beer is a tedious,hands-on process that is time consuming and cost intensive for restaurants and bars
Market Size & User Personas
The market size includes any restaurant,bar, or caterer that serves beer,targeting owners,managers, and bartenders.
An automated beer tap system with smart dispensing technology to help restaurants and bars accurately and quickly fill glasses with beer.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
The automated beer tap system offers more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective service that eliminates the need for manual filling and reduces time in dispensaries
Pain Points to Solve
The need for faster and more accurate beer service with the lowest cost,eliminating the need for manual dispensing and reduce time for customers.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Email, Online Ads, SEO, Social Media, Word of Mouth, Trade shows and Events
Revenue Stream Sources
Hardware sales,Software subscriptions,Services fees,Maintenance fees, and Consultation fees.
Cost Structures
Hardware costs,Software fees, Installation fees,Operation costs,Maintenance fees,Licensing fees, Staffing costs, and Consultation fees.
Key Activities
Resarch,Design and Development,Marketing,Sales and Distribution,and Support.
Key Resources
Software and hardware resources,Finacial resources,Human resources, and Technical resources.
Key Partners
Distributors,Marketing firms,Advertisers,Breweries,and Financial institutions.
Competition Landscape
Competitors include a variety of manual beer filling devices, automated beer filling machines and competitors looking to offer automated beer taps.
Competition Advantage
The automated beer tap system offers a streamlined process that is faster, more accurate and cost-effective than other manual or automated systems
Idea Validation Steps
Customer interviews, Focus groups, Testing of prototype product, and Pilot trials
Potential Business Challenges
High initial development cost,Ability to compete against established competitors,High investments to market, and Training users to use the system.