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MySmartFarmer provides access to a full package of solutions from price support to consulting and advice, to product development and marketing support, to equip small-scale family farmers with the tools to reach better markets and prices with more efficiency and comfort.

Product Type
Small scale farmers face multiple challenges in marketing their produce due to lack of access to markets with viable prices, information on seed varieties, weather trends and other factors.
Market Size & User Personas
Small scale farms cultivate about 40% of the world's crops and livestock. These farms are typically family run and have limited access to market prices, seed diversification and other important data.
MySmartFarmer will provide a platform for small-scale family farmers to access useful data to help mitigate the challenges of marketing their produce. Data and information related to crops, seed varieties, and weather trends will be accessible to them.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
MySmartFarmer will offer small-scale family farmers an opportunity to receive better prices for their products, while also reducing their costs by using the services of the platform to access and understand relevant agricultural data.
Pain Points to Solve
Reducing the risk of producing inelastic markets and providing access to digital equipment development and repair shops that can serve as virtual farms
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct sales to farmers, through agricultural digital stores or clusters (established or in formation), through front desk and back office platforms, direct to farmers via mobile phones, through trade fairs and exhibitions
Revenue Stream Sources
Cost Structures
Development cost, hosting, maintenance, salaries and salaries of technical team, marketing and advertising
Key Activities
Development of software and infrastructure, establishment of relationship with farmers, developing customer service operations, funding and operational scaling
Key Resources
People with skills in software, customer service, sales and marketing, and farming knowledge
Key Partners
Manufacturers of digital equipment, technology, telecommunications, large and small-scale famers
Competition Landscape
There are various small-scale, web-based initiatives tools trying to help small-scale farmers, but none of them offer a full package of solutions from price support to consulting and advice, to product development and marketing support.
Competition Advantage
MySmartFarmer is the first of its kind, to offer synthetic solutions related to agriculture with direct access to small-scale family farmers!
Idea Validation Steps
Survey farmers and agricultural experts about the various services to be offered, do an on-ground assessment of the customer base and understand the existing needs and problems of the traditional farmers, conduct multiple customer interviews to refine the product offering, create a working protomodel of the platform and use it amongst the farmers to validate their needs and functionalities
Potential Business Challenges
Finding the right customer base, scalability of the model, and availability of the right technological infrastructure