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Smart2Shop is a digital product that helps Retailers boost their sales by optimizing advertisements and promotions.

Product Type
Retailers find it difficult to generate consistent sales despite having advertisements and promotions running.
Market Size & User Personas
In the retail industry, the global market is estimated to be at $36 trillion and the user personas are store owners, shoppers, and advertisers.
Smart2Shop is a digital product that uses a proprietary algorithm to customize the most profitable advertisements and promotions for Retailers.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
Smart2Shop helps the Retailers maximize their sales by automatically targeting the right Customers with optimized advertisements and promotions.
Pain Points to Solve
Low sales despite running promotions, difficulty in targeting the right Customers, mismanagement of resources.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Promotion on social media platforms, advertisement of major newspaper companies, email and SMS campaigns, referral programs.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription plan and one-time usage charges.
Cost Structures
The cost structures include infrastructure and staff, technology costs, advertisement and promotion costs.
Key Activities
Algorithm development, platform testing, customer support, promotion strategies.
Key Resources
Technology and software, human resources, amenities and infrastructure.
Key Partners
Advertising and promotion partners, technology vendors and technology partners.
Competition Landscape
Competition includes advertising and promotion platforms, retail retailers and payment solutions.
Competition Advantage
Smart2Shop provides efficient algorithms, customization of advertisements and promotions, and competitive prices in comparison to competitors.
Idea Validation Steps
Study of the target market, surveys, test products in the market to understand customer feedback.
Potential Business Challenges
Lack of resources and partnerships to support the product and difficulties in launching a digital product in the retail industry.