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VideoOnGo is a physical product that provides customers with an affordable and convenient way to access films and other media.

Product Type
People find it difficult to rent and watch movies in their comfort
Market Size & User Personas
The potential market size for this product is anyone who watches movies for entertainment or otherwise. The user personas would be anyone from teenagers to adults.
VideoOnGo is a physical product that enables people to access media from their convenience. Customers will need to purchase the device and activate it by subscribing to our services. Our services will allow customers to rent films and watch newly released films as soon as they come out.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
VideoOnGo provides customers with a convenient and affordable way to access films and other media in their comfort. Customers will be able to get upgraded films and access new films, just as they would with a traditional rental store, but much more affordable and convenient.
Pain Points to Solve
The main pain points to solve are accessibility and cost. By providing customers with the option to access films at their convenience, VideoOnGo provides them with an affordable and convenient way of watching films.
Sales & Marketing Channels
The main sales and marketing channels will be through online platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers. We will also utilize traditional, offline methods to promote the product, such as television and radio spots, print advertisements, and promotional activities.
Revenue Stream Sources
The main revenue stream sources for VideoOnGo will be from the sale of the device and from subscriptions to the services provided by VideoOnGo. Additional revenue can be obtained from the advertisement of other services or products.
Cost Structures
The cost structure for VideoOnGo will depend on the device used and the services subscribed to. The cost of the device, along with the cost of the services provided, will be the main cost associated with VideoOnGo.
Key Activities
The key activities associated with VideoOnGo will include developing the product and associated services, creating marketing campaigns and strategies, and building partnerships with other services and products.
Key Resources
The key resources necessary for VideoOnGo to succeed will include capital and resources for the development of the product and marketing strategies, in addition to technical and engineering resources.
Key Partners
Key partners will be necessary for VideoOnGo to be successful. We will need to partner with other services and products for advertising and promotional activities, as well as to provide additional services and products to VideoOnGo customers.
Competition Landscape
VideoOnGo will face competition from both physical rental stores and other online services. We will focus on providing our customers with a more convenient and affordable option, as well as providing additional services and products that our competitors may not offer.
Competition Advantage
Our main advantage will be our affordability and convenience. We will also offer additional services and products that our competitors may not have. These can range from additional movie genres to special discounts.
Idea Validation Steps
The idea validation steps for VideoOnGo will include conducting market research to assess the size of the potential market, developing a prototype for the product, and testing out the product with potential customers.
Potential Business Challenges
Potential business challenges for VideoOnGo include developing a sustainable product, creating a brand that customers trust, facing strong competition from established companies, and delivering an experience that meets customer expectations.