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EcoLight helps users save money on energy costs, reduce risk of environmental damage, and become more energy efficient.

Product Type
Inefficiency and Overuse of Energy due to Poor Usage Habits
Market Size & User Personas
Individuals and Businesses; Estimated market size of $100billion+ annually
Real-time tracking of energy use and usage behavior to reduce energy costs while also helping reduce environmental impact.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
Users can save on energy costs and reduce risk of environmental damage by learning to better use, monitor and optimize their energy usage.
Pain Points to Solve
High Energy Use and Poor Habits
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online Marketing and Referrals
Revenue Stream Sources
Monthly subscriptions, energy saving fees for reducing usage, advertising revenue.
Cost Structures
Development, Personnel, Advertising
Key Activities
Develop software, acquire customers, optimize, implement and manage data collection.
Key Resources
Software Engineers, Technicians, Retailers and Customers
Key Partners
Retailers and Electricity Producers
Competition Landscape
High competition from existing utilities and energy efficiency services.
Competition Advantage
Low-cost, user-friendly platform that can easily and quickly identify energy-reducing opportunities.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct surveys and customer interviews to determine customer needs, and setup pilot programs to field test the platform.
Potential Business Challenges
Large amount of capital required to develop and market the platform, cost overruns with development, difficulty convincing users to adopt the platform.