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SmartLockRealty enables landlords and tenants to confidently and conveniently rent and manage property online.

real estate
Product Type
With growing remote work, traveling, and active home buying, the common tenant-landlord interactions can be overly complex and time consuming.
Market Size & User Personas
The real estate market is expansive in both size and users. Buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, developers, brokers, investors, and those in the industry or related industries can all benefit.
SmartLockRealty is a product offering to bring smart lock technology to the real estate market, allowing tenants and landlords to remotely rent and manage property
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
Our offering is a user friendly solution to renting and managing property and allows tenants and landlords to securely and conveniently interact with each other in their rental process.
Pain Points to Solve
Simplify the rental process by removing physical and time consuming processes, reduce risk of theft or accidents, increase security for both tenants and landlords, and make the process easier for all involved.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Internet, Social Media, Press Release, Trade Shows, Direct Sales, Email, Business Partners
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, Upgrades, Service Fees, Limited Time Offerings
Cost Structures
Labor, Software, Materials, Human & Legal Resources, Marketing, Operations
Key Activities
Product Development, Customer Discovery & Acquisition, Sales & Support, Onboarding, Partnerships, Product & Market Research
Key Resources
Labor, Software, Vendor Support & Services, IP, Training & Education, Physical Assets, Supplies & Materials, Risk Management
Key Partners
Vendors, Distributors, Marketing Firms, Technology Providers, Consultants & Advisors, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions
Competition Landscape
Competitors vary in offerings, practices, and user experiences.
Competition Advantage
Our solution offers a comprehensive and secure end-to-end solution that eliminates many of the headaches traditionally associated with renting property.
Idea Validation Steps
Market Research, Potential Customer Interviews, User Testing, Competitive Analysis
Potential Business Challenges
Regulatory & Legal Compliance, Market Adoption, Security Issues, Technology Issues