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AutoCare simplifies car maintenance and bring automotive experts to users for a first-in-class experience.

Product Type
Auto owners lack information and resources to effectively maintain their vehicles.
Market Size & User Personas
The automotive industry is estimated to be worth global revenues of $3 trillion by 2023, with current users being auto owners, mechanics and enthusiasts.
An automotive-focused service platform to provide users with personalized maintenance plans, education and app-based resources.
MVP Features
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
AutoCare combines industry professionals, personalized auto maintenance plans and technology for users to easily maintain their vehicles.
Pain Points to Solve
A lack of knowledge and resources in the automotive industry leaves many car owners unsure of how to properly maintain vehicles.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Digital advertisements, promotions, partnerships and paid app optimizations.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, education materials and advertisement revenue.
Cost Structures
Personnel salaries, shared online software platforms and advertising budgets.
Key Activities
Recruiting automotive experts, developing user resources and building partnerships.
Key Resources
Hardware platforms, software development, customer service, marketing materials, and automotive expertise.
Key Partners
Auto-makers, mechanics, car care companies, and enthusiasts.
Competition Landscape
AutoCare faces competition from automotive forums, automotive tutorials and car maintenance apps.
Competition Advantage
AutoCare’s main advantages lie in its professional network of automotive experts and personalized maintenance plans.
Idea Validation Steps
Research market size and competitor landscape, interview potential users, and create a survey to receive user feedback.
Potential Business Challenges
Regulatory challenges, disputes with service providers, competition from large companies.