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Smart Sports Gear

Smart Sports Gear is a line of connected sports gear and training products that will track performance, improve training and deliver real-time feedback.

Product Type
Sports teams and athletes lack access to personalized and automated sports training products.
Market Size & User Personas
Sports teams or competitive athletes ranging from amateur to professional levels.
A line of connected sports gear and training products fitted with sensors to measure performance parameters, record data, and offer real-time and personalized feedback.
MVP Features
Including sensors to measure performance parameters, real-time and personalized feedback, analytics platform and customized training programs.
Implementation Details
Value Proposition
Smart Sports Gear will provide a comprehensive suite of sports gear, performance monitoring and analytics and personalized training programs designed to improve an athlete’s performance.
Pain Points to Solve
Access to personalized and automated sports training plans, lack of insights into performance levels, lack of real-time feedback.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Developing relationships with sports teams and athletes, online/social media marketing, participating in sports related events, sponsorships.
Revenue Stream Sources
Price of the product, subscription fees for access to the analytics platform, sponsorships and partnerships revenues.
Cost Structures
Product cost, staff salaries, marketing and advertising, overhead costs.
Key Activities
Design and development of the products, marketing and advertising, customer support and service.
Key Resources
Engineers and designers, software engineers, marketing and customer support staff, sports technique experts.
Key Partners
Manufacturers, suppliers, marketing and advertising agencies.
Competition Landscape
Competitors in the same space include tech startups and established players in the space such as Nike and Adidas.
Competition Advantage
Smart Sports Gear offers personalized training systems and real-time feedback that set it apart from existing offerings in the space.
Idea Validation Steps
Research competitor offerings, analyzing user feedback and needs, launching a MVP version of the product, testing the idea with potential customers.
Potential Business Challenges
Facilitating the product development process, attracting customers and building a sustainable user base, expanded offerings for different sports disciplines.