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Experience digital content with Play-Share - entertainment focused, organized and stylish.

Product Type
Unable to share and play digital content for entertainment in an organized and stylish way.
Market Size & User Personas
Play-Share is a streaming platform that allows users to organize, watch, and share entertainment content in a stylish and organized way.
MVP Features
A personalized profile page, content library, shareable content, streaming player, content curation system, device and platform optimization, watched content tracking, content recommendation engine and relevant search engine.
Implementation Details
Mobile-first platform with scalability for desktop, web and TV interfaces. Built using a modular infrastructure for rapid development and deployment.
Value Proposition
Play-Share provides users with entertainment delivered in an organized, easy to use and stylish way, by allowing them to watch, share and organize their content.
Pain Points to Solve
Difficulty in organizing content, lack of original content, lack of an easy-to-use platform and lack of reliable streaming.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Digital Ads, Social Media Marketing, Influencer marketing, Content Partnerships and Affiliates.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, Advertising, Content Creation Services, Gift Cards and Donations, Live Events and Merchandise.
Cost Structures
One-time cost of development, continued cost of maintenance, hosting and support, cost of content acquisition, marketing costs, overhead costs and cost of customer service.
Key Activities
Creating and curating content, marketing and promotion, customer service, development and maintenance of the platform, content rights management.
Key Resources
Content library, customer database, content rights database, streaming infrastructure, development and support team.
Key Partners
Content creators and providers, marketing agencies, technology partners, content distribution platforms and payment gateways.
Competition Landscape
Competition from current streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, etc.
Competition Advantage
Unique and organized user interface and content delivery, exclusive and original content, engaging events and lifestyle integration.
Idea Validation Steps
Focus group tests, user interviews, surveys, proof of concept, early access program and partnerships.
Potential Business Challenges
Content rights acquisitions, technology scalability, market saturation and competition.