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Adaptive Mathematics Course

An adaptive mathematics course to bridge the gap between traditional and advanced mathematics through personalized, interactive lessons.

Product Type
Students lack engaging, personalized and effective resources to teach and reinforce fundamental mathematics topics.
Market Size & User Personas
US K-12 education market estimated to expand to $498.53 billion by 2026; User personas include K-12 students, teachers, school administrators, and parents.
An adaptive course designed to bridge the gap between traditional mathematics courses and advanced mathematics concepts.
MVP Features
Personalized interactive lessons; Track and monitor student progress; Secure data storage; User friendly platform for teachers and students.
Implementation Details
Develop an MVP; Finalize product design and functionality; Recruit teachers and students for trials; Secure necessary technology and content partners; Outreach to K-12 school districts for adoption.
Value Proposition
Students learn foundational mathematics skills and strive to reach mastery level confidence as they progress through engaging and personalised lesson plans.
Pain Points to Solve
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct to K-12 school districts; Online advertising; Digital content channels (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, etc.); Press release and digital PR outreach.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions fees; School district business development contracts; Fees from third-party education industry partners; Advertising revenue.
Cost Structures
Staff salaries; Platform/hosting costs; Software development tools; Market research.
Key Activities
Product design and development; Content and technology implementation; Trial pilots; Market research and user testing; Sales and marketing outreach.
Key Resources
Hardware and software development; Content creation; Market research and user testing; Product design; Sales and marketing outreach.
Key Partners
K-12 school districts; Third-party educational industry partners; Technology and content distributors.
Competition Landscape
Other online education and mathematics tutoring providers, including Khan Academy, Bright Minds Tutoring, and C3 Cyber Club.
Competition Advantage
Our course provides personalized, interactive mathematics lessons designed to be engaging and effective. Our platform allows teachers and administrators to track and monitor student progress in real-time.
Idea Validation Steps
User testing with teachers, administrators, and students; Focus group tests with stakeholders; Market research and competitive analysis; Trial pilot with school district.
Potential Business Challenges
Ability to effectively monetize the product; Ability to gain adoption with K-12 school districts; Keeping up with advances in educational technology.