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Digital Investr

Digital Investr is a low-cost digital platform that offers tailored, personalized and easily accessible financial advice from experienced investment professionals.

Product Type
Low-income and beginning investors have limited access to professional financial advice and often struggle with understanding investments.
Market Size & User Personas
Millennials and young professionals with limited investing knowledge, from a mix of income levels.
digital Investr is an online platform that offers tailored, affordable and easily accessible financial advice from experienced investment professionals.
MVP Features
Financial calculator, portfolio monitoring tools, expert advice and recommendations, automated portfolio rebalancing.
Implementation Details
Developing an MVP, market research, legal and administrative work, constructing a financial business plan, alpha launch.
Value Proposition
Digital Investr offers low-cost, personalized financial advice tailored to individual needs.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of access to quality financial advice and understanding of investing concepts.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media campaigns, digital ad targeting, content marketing, public relations.
Revenue Stream Sources
Commission-based advice services, subscriptions to platform features, partnerships with financial institutions.
Cost Structures
Staff, technology, marketing and advertising, allocating funds for R&D.
Key Activities
Identifying financial professionals to offer advice, creating digital marketing campaigns, software development, customer service and support, financial planning and consulting.
Key Resources
Development team, marketing and sales team, customer service and support staff, financial professionals, strategic partnerships.
Key Partners
Financial institutions, investment professionals, advertising agencies, cloud computing providers.
Competition Landscape
Competitors offering online financial advice, traditional financial advisers.
Competition Advantage
Low-cost services, personalized advice, use of data to create customized advice for users.
Idea Validation Steps
Developing an MVP and testing it with a subset of users, conducting customer interviews, competitive analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
Securing bookkeeping & legal services, marketing and advertising, client acquisition.