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Cloudy Hosting Solutions

Cloudy Hosting Solutions will provide easy to deploy and manage cloud hosting solutions at low cost.

Product Type
Cloud hosting can be time consuming, costly and complex to set up and manage, especially for small businesses.
Market Size & User Personas
Small businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations with limited budgets and IT personnel.
Cloudy Hosting Solutions will be a cloud hosting service that allows customers to easily deploy and manage cloud hosting solutions without the need of technical knowledge or personnel.
MVP Features
Cloud deployment, server management, billing, customer support.
Implementation Details
Integrate cloud hosting technology partners, create customer onboarding and support processes, create pricing models and marketing campaigns.
Value Proposition
We will provide a simple, low-cost, and secure cloud hosting solution that the customer can easily deploy and manage on their own.
Pain Points to Solve
Time consumption, Cost, Complexity, Limited technical knowledge.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct sales, online ads and marketing campaigns, affiliate partnerships.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, one-time payments, service add-ons.
Cost Structures
Fixed costs and variable costs.
Key Activities
Product development, sales and marketing, customer support and customer onboarding.
Key Resources
Knowledge of cloud hosting technology, customer and market research, customer onboarding team, marketing team, customer support team and customer success team.
Key Partners
Cloud hosting technology partners, affiliate partners and customer success partners.
Competition Landscape
Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace, and DigitalOcean.
Competition Advantage
We will have lower subscription fees and a focus on customer support and onboarding.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct customer and market research, create an MVP and gain feedback from customers, create a pricing model and customer onboarding process.
Potential Business Challenges
Technical complexity and customer onboarding.