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Production Planning Automation System

Production Planning Automation System: An end-to-end automated platform to improve production efficiency in the complex manufacturing environment.

Product Type
Manufacturing plants suffer from inadequate or inefficient production planning and scheduling based on assumptions of production performance.
Market Size & User Personas
Small to large scale manufacturing companies (B2B): Owners, Managers and Operatives
A web-based digital platform optimized for production planning and scheduling for manufacturing plants.
MVP Features
Record keeping of production processes; Scheduling and planning; Management threats and warnings; Customizable dashboards and reports.
Implementation Details
We will develop the platform using web technologies and make use of cloud computing services to ensure scalability, high availability and security of the platform.
Value Proposition
Improving production efficiency in a competitive and complex manufacturing environment by offering an end-to-end automated platform to make informed decisions and enable modular production planning.
Pain Points to Solve
1)Inefficient manual decision making process; 2) Inaccurate decision making without reliable data; 3) Low visibility of production performance; 4) Loss of efficiency caused by inefficient production planning and scheduling.
Sales & Marketing Channels
We will use a multi-channel approach, including direct sales, email, content marketing, and lead generation through referrals.
Revenue Stream Sources
Monthly subscription and pay per user fee
Cost Structures
Maintenance and development costs for the platform, plus marketing costs.
Key Activities
Product Development, Marketing and Sales, Product Support, Customer Relations.
Key Resources
Software developers, Sales and marketing professionals, Customer service representatives.
Key Partners
Technological and software partners, Collaborators in the manufacturing industry.
Competition Landscape
Competitors in the production planning and scheduling sector include both software and hardware providers.
Competition Advantage
Our differentiators will be our focus on delivering an intuitive, well-designed platform with excellent customer support and an end-to-end automation solution.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct online surveys and interviews with customers to get feedback on product design, user experience and value proposition; Launch an MVP with limited features and measure the engagement and satisfaction metrics from users.
Potential Business Challenges
Increasing competitive pressure; Difficulties in acquiring and retaining customers; High costs to launch and maintain platform