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Live Esports Tournaments-as-a-Service (LETaaS)

LETaaS is the go-to solution for competitive gamers to partake in popular worldwide tournaments with a customisable gaming experience.

Product Type
The esports industry is still emerging and lacks events that prioritize fairness, variety and offer gamers a great tournament experience.
Market Size & User Personas
Esports enthusiasts spanning the globe, including casual gaming fans, Pro gamers, teams and organizations.
Software to host online esports tournaments that offers an intuitive and customisable solution that's enjoyable to use and offers fairness and diversified tournament experiences to all users.
MVP Features
1.Easy tournament creation, 2. Seeding algorithm for balanced 3.match-ups, 3. Bracketing support, 4. Multiplayer gaming support.
Implementation Details
1. Developing an intuitive, user friendly software application that will be integrated with multiplayer gaming software, 2. Utilising end-to-end encryption, 3. Uptime guarantee of 99.9%.
Value Proposition
LETaaS provides a one stop solution for competitive gamers to take part in popular worldwide tournaments with customisable features.
Pain Points to Solve
LETaaS aims to address the lack of fairness, variety and user experience that current esports events have.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Partnering with the leading esports organisations and leveraging on the existing user base of publishers, we can drive people to the LETaaS platform.
Revenue Stream Sources
1. Advertising partnerships, 2. Sponsorship deals, 3. Paid subscriptions for advanced features.
Cost Structures
1. Software development & maintenance, 2. Admin & support staff, 3. Marketing & advertising costs.
Key Activities
1. Design/develop software to host online tournaments, 2. Onboard users & teams, 3. Provide customer support, 4. Monitor tournament performance, 5. Drive user engagement.
Key Resources
1. Software developers, 2. Server/network infrastructure, 3. Marketing/support personnel, 4. eSports/gaming knowledge.
Key Partners
Esports organisations, Publishers, Professional gamers.
Competition Landscape
There are a handful of companies in the market that offer similar services to LETAAS., however they lack the customisation options & sophisticated tournament system that LETAAS offers.
Competition Advantage
LETaaS has an edge due to its customisation capabilities and the fact that it offers participants an enriched gaming experience that they would not find elsewhere.
Idea Validation Steps
1. Open up beta version with limited user pool and gauge performance, 2. Receive feedback from users on usability and well as functionalities, 3. Based on feedback revise the product.
Potential Business Challenges
1. Achieving product-market fit, 2. Recruiting & managing sufficient tech staff, 3. Securing partnerships with the leading esports organisations.