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Go-Green Entourage

Go-Green Entourage provides users with an eco-friendly and cost-effective ride-hailing experience.

Product Type
The problem is that transportation continues to rely heavily on fossil fuels and individual car usage.
Market Size & User Personas
The global transport industry size is estimated at $7.6 trillion and the target user personas are: tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious people looking for commute alternatives and businesses seeking eco-friendly transportation.
Go-Green Entourage is an app-based platform that connects passengers to driver companies offering eco-friendly transportation. The app will provide users with a convenient and cost-effective option to quickly get a ride in a hybrid or other green car.
MVP Features
User authentication and login, searching for rides, driver tracking and instant fare calculation, in-app payments, customer reviews and ratings system, customer service option.
Implementation Details
Partnering with driver companies, designing and developing app, marketing and promotion, customer service and legal processes.
Value Proposition
Go-Green Entourage provides users with a safe, fast, reliable, and cost-effective green transportation service that does not contribute to global warming.
Pain Points to Solve
Shortening waiting time for a green ride, reducing the environmental impact, provide convenient and comfortable service.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Partnering with corporate offices and universities to offer discounted rides, creating attractive and effective online presence through SEO and PPC, leveraging social proofing and influencer marketing to build trusts and create brand awareness.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions offered to corporate, university, and other regular users, advertisings and in-app purchases for additional services, commission from Partnering driver companies.
Cost Structures
Fixed costs include server maintenance, marketing expenses, legal and accounting fees. Variable costs include commissions paid to partnering driver companies, and credit card processing fees.
Key Activities
Partnering with driver companies, developing and maintaining mobile app, product marketing and promotion, customer service and legal processes.
Key Resources
Existing Partnerships and driver companies, an experienced technology partner, capital to create the app and promote marketing, a customer service representative.
Key Partners
Driver companies, technology partner, external marketing and legal teams.
Competition Landscape
Go-Green Entourage will be facing tough competition from other ride-hailing apps. However, since it provides users with a fast, cheap, and green ride, it has the potential to stand out from the crowd.
Competition Advantage
Go-Green Entourage will offer rides in eco-friendly cars thus providing users with the chance to reduce their carbon footprint. It will also have competitive pricing, a wide network of drivers, and a user-friendly app.
Idea Validation Steps
Conducting surveys to measure customer satisfaction, testing the app with a select group of users, and developing different pricing strategies.
Potential Business Challenges
Rise of competitors, issues with law and regulation, customer acquisition and retention.