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Trip Booster

Trip Booster takes the guesswork and stress out of getting around.

Product Type
Transportation problems such as traffic congestion, parking availability and cost, travel direction and route difficulties, cost efficiency.
Market Size & User Personas
Urban commuters, people traveling for business or vacation, travelers from low-income backgrounds.
A mobile application that provides users with traffic and parking advisories, route selections and detailed driving directions, cost-efficiency comparison, route selection and navigation.
MVP Features
Optimized route selection and navigation, cost efficiency comparison between routes, traffic and parking advisories, transit integration, integration with ride sharing services.
Implementation Details
Develop application using performance-focused programming languages, leverage existing APIs to pull transportation data and analytics, knowledgeable data analysts and developers to clean and manage the data, utilize an advertising promotion strategy to help build brand awareness.
Value Proposition
Trip Booster offers a convenient, cost-effective solution for commuters to get around with ease.
Pain Points to Solve
Traffic congestion, parking availability and cost, travel direction and route difficulties, cost efficiency.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, mobile advertising, word of mouth, email marketing.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, in-app purchases, advertising.
Cost Structures
Developer costs, hosting costs, research and development costs, marketing and advertising costs.
Key Activities
Development and deployment of the mobile application, ongoing marketing and advertising efforts, research and development of new features and enhancements.
Key Resources
Software developers, user researchers, designers, data analysts.
Key Partners
Technology providers, advertisers, travel and tourism companies.
Competition Landscape
Large transportation industry players such as Uber, Google Maps, Waze and companies like them, as well as smaller startups.
Competition Advantage
Timely integration of new product features and improvements, competitive pricing and cost efficiency within the mobile application, and utilized data analytic capabilities.
Idea Validation Steps
Gathering feedback from specific target communities such as urban commuters and travelers, conducting surveys and interviews, testing the prototypes and gathering user analytics, conducting market research of the target market.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition from established companies with strong brand loyalty, quickly changing industry trends, uncertain revenue streams with subscription-based models.