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GPS-Enabled Ridehailing Service

GPS-Enabled Ridehailing Service: a safe and reliable way to travel with one touch of a button.

Product Type
Inconvenient and inefficient traditional public transport methods make travelling difficult in many parts of the world.
Market Size & User Personas
The global ridehailing market is expected to exceed $218 billion in value by 2025, Projected user personas are commuters seeking an efficient and reliable alternative to traditional transport.
A GPS-enabled ridehailing service that allows customers to book a ride, track their journey and pay for the service all within an app.
MVP Features
User-friendly mobile app, GPS tracking, and payment system.
Implementation Details
Creating a website, mobile app and technical infrastructure required to run an effective ridehailing service.
Value Proposition
This service will offer customers a safe, reliable and convenient way of travelling with access to the same level of transport service currently unavailable in many areas.
Pain Points to Solve
Provide a seamless user experience from booking to payment with an emphasis on safety and reliability.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, search engine marketing, and partnerships with other businesses.
Revenue Stream Sources
Money made from rides, in-app advertising, and commission per successful ride.
Cost Structures
Costs will include driver wages, insurance, licensing and operational costs.
Key Activities
Creating a user-friendly app and recruiting quality drivers in locations where the service is available.
Key Resources
Human resources and technical resources.
Key Partners
Local transport and ridehailing companies, tech startups, and potential investors.
Competition Landscape
Competition comes primarily from existing transport network companies such as Uber and local transport services.
Competition Advantage
The point of differentiation for our service is the emphasis on safety, quality and reliability.
Idea Validation Steps
Validating the market opportunity through customer interviews, competitor research, and understanding customer pain points.
Potential Business Challenges
Scaling the business rapidly and establishing a quality customer base.