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GoConnect is the best way to connect drivers in urban cities, and make long and dull commutes easier and more enjoyable.

Product Type
Long commutes for people in urban cities can be tedious and isolating. There is a need for an easier way to connect people taking a similar journey to each other and make their travel experience more enjoyable.
Market Size & User Personas
30 million drivers living in urban cities, who use mass transportation for daily commute.
GoConnect is an app that allows those 30 million drivers to connect with each other through their rides or trips. The app allows users to set up carpools, connect with drivers who take the same route, share rides and connect with people who are also going to the same place.
MVP Features
Initial features include Sign-in/Registration, Search & Filter, Friend System, Message & Group Chat, Integrated Payment, Rider/Driver Sync and Seamless Interface.
Implementation Details
Object-oriented programming language (such as Java) for the app's server-side development, NoSQL database to store the result sets and Visual Studio to build the Android App
Value Proposition
GoConnect address both cost and comfort as its main value propositions. Users will be able to ride with other users on their route and share cost, while also providing companionship and communication in the journey.
Pain Points to Solve
Reduce or eliminating the monotony of the long and meaningless rides and help urban drivers save money.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online Ads, Influencer Marketing and Social Media
Revenue Stream Sources
Revenue Generation early on can come from per mile ride charges and extra services like carpools/sharing rides.
Cost Structures
Development and maintenance of the app and servers, customer service and marketing.
Key Activities
Feature Development, UI/UX Design, Network Maintenance and Advertising.
Key Resources
Enterprise/Individual software developers, Design team, Support team and Marketing team.
Key Partners
Some ride-sharing companies, event organizers and promoters who need people to join their activities
Competition Landscape
Competition includes ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, carpooling platforms like BlaBlaCar and travel applications such as Google Maps
Competition Advantage
GoConnect can offer integrated services that include carpooling, ride-sharing and talking with people who are on the same route.
Idea Validation Steps
Initial opinions from people about the idea, market survey to identify user adoption, MVP for testing the concept, competitor analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition, User Acquisition and Retention, Quality Assurance and Regulation.