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Wellbeing Note

Wellbeing Note is a comprehensive digital platform providing reliable and accurate mental health data, accessible to those that need it, in the least amount of time.

Product Type
There is a need to ensure that mental health concerns are addressed with comprehensive data.
Market Size & User Personas
It can provide a comprehensive Digital platform for mental health professionals, as well as people from all walks of life struggling with mental health issues.
An online platform for tracking mental health concerns, through collecting data and making it easily readable for those that need it, in the least amount of steps.
MVP Features
User accounts, comprehensive mental health information, data storage, and data analysis.
Implementation Details
Developing a secure platform, setting up user accounts, providing customer services, implementing analytics, providing data storage and tracking services, and marketing the platform.
Value Proposition
Provide a single, easy-to-understand system for mental health professionals and those that need their help to access the data they need in the shortest amount of time.
Pain Points to Solve
Poor access to mental health support due to limitations with traditional methods; difficulty of tracking data without an easily readable system; lack of support for those in need of mental health support.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online Presence - Website, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Word-of-Mouth, and Partnership with Mental Health Associations
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription based monthly fee, customizing the platform options based on demands, and premium access options.
Cost Structures
Key Activities
Developing a platform, providing customer support and services, marketing, and providing data tracking services.
Key Resources
A reliable platform, programming talent, customer support, marketing team, and data experts.
Key Partners
Mental Health Associations, IT and Programming Talent and other businesses providing services related to customer support and data tracking.
Competition Landscape
Other Digital Platforms providing services related to mental health information, tracking and customer support.
Competition Advantage
A comprehensive digital platform that provides access to mental health concerns in the least amount of steps and with the most comprehensive data.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct user research (interviews, surveys, etc.), test the platform with potential customers, determine competitive analysis, assess if the data is reliable and has enough accuracy and validity, and assess the performance of the system over other platforms.
Potential Business Challenges
Protecting user data, finding and retaining the programming and data experts needed, and understanding how to effectively market the platform.