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Rentlancer is a platform connecting rental property owners, property managers and maintenance service professionals for reliable, convenient and affordable property maintenance services.

real estate
Product Type
Difficulty finding Accessible, Reliable and Accommodating Property Maintenance Services for Rental Property Owners
Market Size & User Personas
Individual and institutional rental property owners, property managers in residential and commercial real estate markets
Rentlancer will provide an online platform connecting property owners, property managers and maintenance service professionals.
MVP Features
Platform to connect service professionals and customers, booking system, customer feedback system, customer service and technical support.
Implementation Details
Develop the platform and website, create ad campaigns and referral program, recruit service professionals and rental property owners, create customer service and support system.
Value Proposition
Rentlancer will eliminate time and hassle associated with hiring maintenance service professionals, while guaranteeing the highest levels of reliability and convenience.
Pain Points to Solve
Inconsistent and unresponsive customer service, long wait times to book service professionals, and lack of local access to affordable services.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct sales, referral network, online marketing campaigns (Facebook, Google Adwords, SEO, email marketing)
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription-based services for rental property owners and managers, service fees for maintenance service professionals.
Cost Structures
Development and maintenance costs for the platform, personnel and customer service costs.
Key Activities
Developing and launching the platform, attracting maintenance service professionals, providing customer service and technical support, onboarding and managing clients.
Key Resources
Software engineers, customer service representatives, software vendors, marketing platform partners.
Key Partners
Service professionals, property owners and property management companies.
Competition Landscape
Several large competitors operating in the rental property market.
Competition Advantage
Rentlancer will offer a higher level of convenience, reliability and customer service compared to existing competitors
Idea Validation Steps
Market testing through surveys or interviews with target clientele, user testing of the platform, and analysis of user data.
Potential Business Challenges
Competition in the rental property market, scaling quickly enough to meet customer demand and building trust with customers.