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Jelly See

Jelly See is an online medical service space that offers diagnosis, advice and treatments to those in developing countries at no cost or below market prices.

Product Type
Developing countries lack of access to diagnostic and medical expertise
Market Size & User Personas
Healthcare offering targeted to countries that lack access to medical and diagnostic expertise and technology
Create an online medical service utilizing AI technology and medical professionals to provide medical services to those in need
MVP Features
AI technology to provide the most accurate diagnosis, medical advice and treatments, ability to book appointments with medical professionals, ability to provide medical aid through partnership providers, access to medical technologies and resources
Implementation Details
Developing AI technology for accurate diagnosing, finding and developing partnerships with healthcare service providers, creating partnerships with local health organizations and institutions
Value Proposition
Provide medical advice and diagnostics to people in need to develop countries at no cost or below market prices
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of access to medical and diagnostic expertise, lack of access to diagnose and treat medical conditions in a timely manner, lack of affordability and availability of medical aid in developing countries
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, advertising, local partners and health organizations, online advertising campaigns, online search engine marketing
Revenue Stream Sources
Partnerships with local healthcare service providers, fee for services for premium users, crowdfunding donations for services and treatments, advertising revenue
Cost Structures
Hiring medical professionals, monthly licensing fees for software, hosting and development costs, advertising costs
Key Activities
Providing medical advice, diagnoses and treatments to users, developing AI technology to provide the most accurate analysis and diagnosis, partnerships with leading health providers
Key Resources
Medical professionals, software developers and IT personnel, advertising and marketing teams
Key Partners
Partnerships with leading healthcare service providers, local health organizations and institutions, CRMs and other health platforms
Competition Landscape
Services that focus solely on medical advice and diagnostics, medical aid provided through medical foundations and aid organizations
Competition Advantage
Idea Validation Steps
Proof of concept trials in developing countries, partnerships with leading healthcare service providers, customer feedback campaign
Potential Business Challenges
Competition from other services and aid organizations, lack of access to technology and resources in developing countries, limited customer base depending on population size and access to technology