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CouchPlay is an online service that connects people with similar tastes and interests, providing an easier and more enjoyable way to watch content together.

Product Type
People are finding it increasingly challenging to find entertainment to watch together since most people don't live in the same area anymore.
Market Size & User Personas
The subscription-based streaming service people who are looking for convenience and quality in their online entertainment search, who want to find something to watch with friends from all over the world.
CouchPlay is an online service that strives to help people find entertainment to watch together wherever they are. Our platform helps connect people with the same tastes and interests, who can then watch the same content simultaneously and synchronously.
MVP Features
The minimum viable product for CouchPlay will include the ability for people to join movie nights, watch synchronized content and interact with a chat window.
Implementation Details
For the initial launch, CouchPlay will focus building its platform on the web and mobile using existing APIs from popular streaming services and social media networks.
Value Proposition
CouchPlay allows users to share and watch entertainment in a convenient and meaningful way, fostering a sense of togetherness for users no matter where they are.
Pain Points to Solve
Finding quality content to watch online that meets everyone's interests and tastes, as well as having a way to watch the same content at the same time from wherever in the world.
Sales & Marketing Channels
The primary channels to market CouchPlay will be trending social media networks and popular streaming ecosystem platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.
Revenue Stream Sources
CouchPlay will have a subscription-based revenue model and also monetize add-ons and services.
Cost Structures
The cost structure of CouchPlay will include hosting fees, cost of marketing the product, fees for payment processing, and the cost of developing, maintaining and improving the software platform.
Key Activities
The key activities of CouchPlay include customer acquisition, marketing and branding, product development, operations and customer service.
Key Resources
The key resources of CouchPlay will include money, people, technology, knowledge, and partnerships.
Key Partners
CouchPlay will seek to form partnerships with providers of content and streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, as well as popular social media networks.
Competition Landscape
CouchPlay will face competition from existing streaming services, but it will be differentiated by its focus on allowing people to watch content together regardless of physical location.
Competition Advantage
CouchPlay will differentiate itself by offering the ability to watch content in synchronized fashion and also include a social aspect to facilitate interactions between users.
Idea Validation Steps
To validate this idea, CouchPlay will rely on customer feedback, user interviews, and market studies in order to determine if its concept is viable and attractive to customers.
Potential Business Challenges
Challenges CouchPlay may face are lack of customer adoption, difficulty in finding suitable partners, and scalability issues.