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On-Demand Meal Delivery Service

A convenient, affordable and nutritious meal delivery service with nutritionist approved recipes.

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Product Type
People often struggle to find time to cook nutritious meals.
Market Size & User Personas
Millennial professionals and families with children who lack the time and energy to plan, shop for and cook a meal.
On-demand meal delivery service that comes fully equipped with a chef, ingredients and cooking utensils, allowing customers to easily cook a nutritious meal without planning or shopping
MVP Features
Order tracking, ingredients tracking, meal planning tools, personalized nutrition advice, customer reviews and ratings.
Implementation Details
Identifying and partnering with existing food suppliers; Training and hiring chefs; Developing tracking and ordering systems.
Value Proposition
Time savings, convenience and access to nutritionist approved recipes.
Pain Points to Solve
Time consuming task of planning and shopping; making sure ingredients are available as well as making sure food is within budget.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online promotion, social media promotion, search engine optimization, public relations, referral programs and direct mail.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription pricing, one-time meal deliveries and recipe eBooks.
Cost Structures
Ingredients, fuel, transportation, packaging, utensils and chefs needs to be accounted for.
Key Activities
Food preparation, delivering ingredients, cooking instructions, meals delivery.
Key Resources
Chefs, delivery fleet, equipment, suppliers.
Key Partners
Food suppliers, restaurant owners, meal planning services.
Competition Landscape
Meal kit delivery services, restaurants.
Competition Advantage
Time savings, nutritionist approved recipes, convenience and affordability.
Idea Validation Steps
Research food industry trends, conduct customer surveys, get feedback on product/service offerings.
Potential Business Challenges
Weather, pricing, product safety and quality.