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TourSnap is an online travel agency that curates affordable and convenient group travel packages while providing an enriching experience.

Product Type
It's hard for people to find affordable and convenient ways to travel and explore new cities.
Market Size & User Personas
This Idea is targeting middle-income travellers, who are conscious of their budget and looking for convenience. The market size is immense at US$1.6 trillion in 2018, according to the World Tourism Organization.
TourSnap is an online travel agency that curates group travel packages with relevant accommodation and activities, allowing users to plan and book their trips from start to finish.
MVP Features
The MVP should have the website, payment and user experience upgrades, as well as basic marketing automation.
Implementation Details
Create a database to store user information and payment information, build the website front end, develop the backend and APIs, connect the website to vendors, and design marketing campaigns.
Value Proposition
TourSnap provides customers with convenience, affordability, and an enriching travel experience at the same time.
Pain Points to Solve
Planning trips independently is costly, time consuming and often overwhelming. TourSnap solves this problem by providing users with the convenience of having their trips planned out with reputable vendors and then booking everything in one go.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online search and digital advertising, influencers, and affiliate networks to reach our target audience.
Revenue Stream Sources
TourSnap generates revenue primarily through commissions charged on each booking, as well as subscription fees for premium services.
Cost Structures
The cost structure is mainly composed of salaries and commission paid to employees, marketing costs, and any additional costs incurred in operating the website.
Key Activities
Developing and managing the website, marketing campaigns, and customer support.
Key Resources
Human resources and capital to develop the website, marketing campaigns, customer relationship management systems, and technologies to process payments.
Key Partners
Vendors such as travel agencies, hotels, and attractions, as well as technology partners for website development and payment processing.
Competition Landscape
The competition landscape consists of traditional tour operators, online travel agencies and other websites offering similar services.
Competition Advantage
TourSnap offers a comprehensive service that combines convenience, affordability, and an enriching travel experience.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct customer surveys to gauge market preferences, create a landing page to test user interest and encourage sign ups, and use user feedback to improve the product.
Potential Business Challenges
Competing in an established market, competing with large competitors, managing costs effectively.