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Cloud Connectivity Gateway

Cloud Connectivity Gateway – Connect cloud applications with legacy systems securely and quickly.

Product Type
Companies are struggling to securely connect cloud applications and data sources with legacy systems.
Market Size & User Personas
Cloud technology is rapidly expanding and growing in the enterprise market. Most users are technical departments or software engineers in enterprise companies.
A cloud connectivity gateway that connects cloud applications with legacy systems.
MVP Features
Secure authentication, data synchronization, seamless user interface and multilingual support.
Implementation Details
Platform-independent design, secure access permissions, user-friendly dashboard.
Value Proposition
Quickly and securely access your cloud applications and data sources from your legacy systems.
Pain Points to Solve
Security issues, time-consuming integration process, and data synchronization issues.
Sales & Marketing Channels
B2B direct sales, targeted digital marketing, webinars and white papers, content marketing.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, usage-based payments, installation fees, and more.
Cost Structures
Development, hosting, storage, maintenance, marketing and other associated cost.
Key Activities
Development, deployment, testing, customer onboarding and support, maintenance, marketing.
Key Resources
Development team, customer support team, marketing team, network infrastructure.
Key Partners
Data integration vendors, enterprise software companies, and cloud vendors.
Competition Landscape
Several enterprise cloud vendors offer similar solutions with incompatible platforms.
Competition Advantage
Flexibility and scalability due to our platform-agnostic, secure permissions for systems integration.
Idea Validation Steps
Conduct market research, create prototypes and MVPs, collect feedback from potential customers.
Potential Business Challenges
Lack of understanding of cloud technologies amongst potential customers, budget constraints.