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Finly is a mobile application that provides younger individuals with personalized spending and savings plans, budget tracking services, and financial advice.

Product Type
Many individuals have difficulty managing their finances and handling their daily financial tasks.
Market Size & User Personas
Millennials and individuals in lower income brackets who need assistance with tracking and monitoring their spending and expenses.
Finly is a mobile application aimed at helping younger individuals manage their finances.
MVP Features
Basic budget tracking, customer onboarding, customer support and analytics, and user accounts.
Implementation Details
Developing the application using React Native, using AWS servers for storage, and using SendGrid for email marketing.
Value Proposition
Finly will provide users with personalized spending and savings plans, budget tracking services, financial advice, and access to tailored offers.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of access to banks and financial institutions in certain area, lack of knowledge about financial management, and the excessive spending and accumulating debt.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, online search engine campaigns, and direct outreach to financial institutions and schools.
Revenue Stream Sources
Cost Structures
Personnel and development cost, maintenance and operational cost, servers cost, and marketing cost.
Key Activities
Developing and deploying the application, customer service and support, and marketing.
Key Resources
Software development team, personnel team, and marketing department.
Key Partners
Financial institutions and schools.
Competition Landscape
There are numerous high-end competitor applications that offer similar services, such as Mint and Quicken.
Competition Advantage
Finly will offer users access to tailored financial advice, detailed data analysis tools, and tailored offerings.
Idea Validation Steps
Conducting surveys and customer interviews, as well as analyzing user feedback and competitive analysis to validate the concept.
Potential Business Challenges
Lack of sufficient customer reach, sudden changes to market trends, not understanding customer needs, and inadequate market funding.