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uPickDrink is a mobile application that allows customers to order food and drinks delivery from their favorite restaurants and venues, with convenience, variety, and low cost.

food and drink
Product Type
Inefficient and lack of variety in food and drinks delivery options
Market Size & User Personas
Large corporations, busy individuals, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and the occasional homeparty organizer.
uPickDrink is a mobile application that allows customers to order food and drinks delivery from nearest restaurants, bars, or nightclubs.
MVP Features
User registration, partner onboarding, quick search and ordering functions, delivery tracking, integrated payments and customer review and rating.
Implementation Details
Agile development, leveraging existing APIs and SDKs, AWS hosting, and leveraging automated marketing tools.
Value Proposition
uPickDrink allows customers to order food and drinks from their favorite restaurants and venues with convenience, variety, and low cost.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of convenience, variety, and lower costs when ordering food and drinks delivery.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Partnership with restaurants, bars and nightclubs, newsletters, social media, marketing through app stores and enticement with discounts and promotions.
Revenue Stream Sources
Service fees when a customer orders, subscription fees from partner restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and notification advertising
Cost Structures
Development and hosting setup costs, applicable taxes, advertising, and promotion costs and employee costs
Key Activities
Product development, advertising, partner acquisition, customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer feedback and customer service
Key Resources
Developers, marketers, partners, customer service agents and user data
Key Partners
Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs providing food and drinks delivery service
Competition Landscape
Competitors are similar local restaurants and food delivery services.
Competition Advantage
uPickDrink has lower costs of delivery, better variety of products and more convenient services.
Idea Validation Steps
Create a landing page for the service, solicit feedback from users, A/B testing marketing channels to acquire customers, track user engagement and refine features.
Potential Business Challenges
Ability to acquire partner restaurants, bars and nightclubs, customer acquisition, customer retention, and scalability of services.