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Smart Home Security

Smart Home Security is an affordable and user friendly home security system that helps protect homes and business

Product Type
Home security is currently expensive, complex and unintuitive to use
Market Size & User Personas
Homeowners, renters and small business owners who are looking for an affordable and easy to use home security system
A smart, connected home security system with user friendly features and an intuitive app
MVP Features
24/7 monitoring, motion sensors, app based access and remote control
Implementation Details
Create a product roadmap, develop a prototype, test with customers, develop the software and hardware and launch the product
Value Proposition
Easy to use and affordable home security that helps homeowners and small business owners protect their property
Pain Points to Solve
High cost, complexity to install and use, false alarms, limited features and lack of scalability
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online marketplaces, direct-to-consumer, social media campaigns and word of mouth
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, one-time sales, accessories and add-ons
Cost Structures
Hardware and software development, customer support, marketing, manufacturing, distribution and overhead
Key Activities
Product development, customer acquisition, customer service, marketing and sales
Key Resources
Software and hardware engineers, customer support staff, marketer, sales team and designers
Key Partners
Manufacturers, distributors and retailers
Competition Landscape
The home security market is crowded with competitors, but few offer a comprehensive and user friendly solution
Competition Advantage
Our product is user friendly, affordable and offers a comprehensive solution that is not currently available in the market
Idea Validation Steps
Survey potential customers, conduct interviews, create a prototype, test usability and measure customer satisfaction
Potential Business Challenges
High customer acquisition costs, competition from larger players, product development and scalability