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FunVibe, the ultimate destination for young urban people to have a great time.

Product Type
Lack of adequate entertainment options for young urban people
Market Size & User Personas
Young urban people aged 18-30, with an estimated size of 3 million in the U.S.
FunVibe is a mobile-based entertainment platform that offers a variety of interactive, fun, and engaging activities for young urban people.
MVP Features
Social media integration, interactive activities, and in-app purchases.
Implementation Details
Design and develop the mobile application, obtain partnerships, and launch the product to the public.
Value Proposition
FunVibe is the ultimate destination for young urban people who are looking to have a great time without having to leave the comfort of their homes.
Pain Points to Solve
Boredom, lack of entertainment options, and lack of social interaction.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media marketing, influencer marketing, word of mouth, and online advertising.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, in-app purchases, and sponsored content.
Cost Structures
Software development, server costs, customer service, and marketing.
Key Activities
Developing and maintaining the mobile application, providing customer service, marketing, and partnerships.
Key Resources
Software developers, marketing and customer service personnel, and partnerships with other entertainment providers.
Key Partners
Entertainment providers, influencers, and other mobile platforms.
Competition Landscape
There are a few competitors in the market, but FunVibe is the only one that offers interactive, fun, and engaging activities.
Competition Advantage
FunVibe provides a unique and engaging experience that is tailored to the needs and wants of young urban people.
Idea Validation Steps
Surveys, focus groups, and user testing to determine the needs and wants of users.
Potential Business Challenges
Developing the mobile application, obtaining partnerships, and marketing the product.