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On-demand Delivery Service

On-demand delivery service providing efficient and cost effective delivery with real time tracking.

Product Type
The difficulty of finding an efficient and reliable delivery service.
Market Size & User Personas
The market size is estimated at $12.3 billion and the user personas are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals.
An on-demand delivery service that connects users with drivers to deliver goods quickly and reliably.
MVP Features
MVP features will include sign up/login, driver recruitment, tracking, billing, and customer support.
Implementation Details
Implementation details will include setting up the technology infrastructure, building the website/app, and launching the marketing campaigns.
Value Proposition
On-demand delivery service provides an efficient and cost effective way to deliver goods, with the added benefit of tracking the delivery in real time.
Pain Points to Solve
The pain points to solve are to reduce the cost of delivery, speed up delivery time, and reduce the hassle of finding a reliable delivery service.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Sales & Marketing channels will include digital and social media ads, as well as a website and app.
Revenue Stream Sources
The revenue stream sources will include delivery fees, subscription fees, and commissions from goods sold.
Cost Structures
The cost structures will include driver and vehicle costs, marketing costs, and technology costs.
Key Activities
Key activities will include recruiting drivers, developing marketing campaigns, and developing and maintaining technology.
Key Resources
Key resources will include drivers, vehicles, technology, and marketing personnel.
Key Partners
Potential key partners could include delivery companies and logistics providers.
Competition Landscape
The competition landscape includes companies such as Shyp, Postmates, and UberRUSH.
Competition Advantage
The competitive advantage is an easy to use platform, competitive pricing, and an efficient delivery model.
Idea Validation Steps
Idea validation steps include market research, customer interviews, and competitor analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
Potential business challenges include high customer acquisition costs, limited delivery areas, and recruiting and retaining drivers.