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Smart Manufacturing Platform

The Smart Manufacturing Platform provides integrated data, analytics and automation solutions to manufacturing companies.

Product Type
Manufacturing companies lack access to integrated data, analytics and automation solutions.
Market Size & User Personas
The global manufacturing industry is estimated to be worth $12.8 trillion in 2020. User Personas include manufacturing companies, engineers, and executives.
A cloud-based platform to provide integrated data, analytics and automation solutions to manufacturing companies
MVP Features
Data integration; analytics; automation; customer support; user dashboard.
Implementation Details
Software development; user testing; customer onboarding; marketing.
Value Proposition
The Smart Manufacturing Platform will enable manufacturers to access analytics and automation to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Pain Points to Solve
Access to integrated data, analytics and automation; reduced costs; increased efficiency.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online advertising; direct sales; partnerships with technology providers; conferences and tradeshows.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions; advertisement; partnerships; consulting services.
Cost Structures
Development costs; customer acquisition costs; marketing costs; maintenance and support costs.
Key Activities
Product development; customer acquisition; marketing; customer service.
Key Resources
Software developers; sales personnel; marketing personnel; customer service personnel.
Key Partners
Technology providers; vendors; consultants; distribution partners.
Competition Landscape
The competition landscape includes traditional manufacturing companies, automation providers, and software providers.
Competition Advantage
The Smart Manufacturing Platform offers an integrated solution that will enable manufacturers to access analytics and automation with ease.
Idea Validation Steps
Surveys; interviews; focus groups; A/B testing; market research.
Potential Business Challenges
High customer acquisition costs; market saturation; competition.