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ViralStream is an online streaming platform that curates and showcases the best in viral entertainment from all over the world.

Product Type
People struggle to find quality content to watch in their free time
Market Size & User Personas
ViralStream is a platform that caters to the entertainment needs of people aged 18-35, with a global market size of over 2.5 billion people.
ViralStream is an online streaming platform that will curate and showcase the best in viral entertainment from all over the world.
MVP Features
ViralStream's MVP will include content curation, user accounts, search and discovery features, and personalization.
Implementation Details
ViralStream will be developed using an agile methodology and will be built using open source technologies such as React, Node.js, and MongoDB.
Value Proposition
ViralStream is a one-stop destination for users to discover, watch and share quality viral content from all around the world.
Pain Points to Solve
ViralStream will solve the problem of content discovery by curating and showcasing the best in viral entertainment from all over the world.
Sales & Marketing Channels
ViralStream will use a combination of online and offline marketing channels including social media, email campaigns, search engine marketing, and influencer marketing.
Revenue Stream Sources
ViralStream will generate revenue through subscription fees, advertising, and affiliate partnerships.
Cost Structures
ViralStream will incur costs associated with content curation and licensing, as well as costs associated with marketing and advertising.
Key Activities
ViralStream will focus on content curation, marketing and advertising, customer service, and user experience.
Key Resources
ViralStream will require resources such as personnel, technology, content, and funding.
Key Partners
ViralStream will partner with content creators, influencers, and other streaming platforms to maximize its reach and impact.
Competition Landscape
ViralStream will compete with other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.
Competition Advantage
ViralStream will have an advantage over its competitors by offering exclusive viral content and a personalized user experience.
Idea Validation Steps
ViralStream will validate its idea by conducting market research and user surveys to understand user needs and preferences, as well as by testing the product with potential users.
Potential Business Challenges
ViralStream may face challenges such as content curation, user acquisition and retention, and monetization.