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Kombucha Taproom

Kombucha Taproom - a place to discover and enjoy craft beverages.

food and drink
Product Type
Small craft beverage makers don't have access to a physical retail environment.
Market Size & User Personas
Craft beverage makers who produce kombucha, beer, wine, and other craft beverages. Consumers who are interested in trying new craft beverages, and who appreciate the experience of a taproom.
A Kombucha Taproom that offers a variety of craft beverages on tap.
MVP Features
A selection of craft beverages on tap, knowledgeable staff, and a comfortable atmosphere.
Implementation Details
Lease a suitable location, secure necessary permits, purchase equipment, hire personnel, build relationships with craft beverage makers, and promote the taproom.
Value Proposition
A place for craft beverage makers to showcase their products and for consumers to discover new craft beverages in a unique and enjoyable setting.
Pain Points to Solve
Provide a physical retail environment for craft beverage makers, and a place for consumers to discover and enjoy craft beverages.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online channels such as social media and email, as well as local events and partnerships with local businesses.
Revenue Stream Sources
Sale of craft beverages, merchandise, and food.
Cost Structures
Rent, utilities, insurance, salaries, and other overhead costs.
Key Activities
Selecting craft beverages to feature, hosting events and tastings, maintaining relationships with craft beverage makers, and promoting the taproom.
Key Resources
Beverage makers, equipment, and personnel.
Key Partners
Craft beverage makers, local businesses, and other partners.
Competition Landscape
There are a few craft beverage taprooms in the area, but none that offer the variety of craft beverages that Kombucha Taproom will.
Competition Advantage
Kombucha Taproom will offer a larger selection of craft beverages, as well as an inviting atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff.
Idea Validation Steps
Survey craft beverage makers and consumers to determine interest in the concept, and to determine the type of craft beverages that would be of interest. Test the concept with a pop-up event.
Potential Business Challenges
Sourcing quality craft beverages, maintaining relationships with craft beverage makers, and staying on top of trends in the craft beverage industry.