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Product Type
Finding the right hospitality solution is often a challenge for business travelers, especially when they are in a foreign city or country. The process of looking for places and researching whether or not they meet the criteria can be time-consuming.
Market Size & User Personas
Right now the market size for hospitality solutions is vast and still growing. Our user personas will be business travelers that need to find lodging, day writers in need of comfortable work space, and vacationers looking for something more unique than the traditional hotel experience.
Hospimize is a web & mobile application that allows business travelers and vacationers to find, compare, and book everything from quick, convenient hotel rooms & extended stay apartments, to unique & vibrant retreats & event venues.
MVP Features
At launch, the MVP of Hospimize will include accommodations search & compare, real-time availability & price checkout, personal favorites & wish lists, curated collections for various types of travelers, and profile creation & sharing for users.
Implementation Details
Hospimize will be built using React.js on the front-end and Node.js on the back-end, leveraging a PostgreSQL database to store data. The development team will consist of 5-7 members and will be targeting a launch in 12-15 weeks.
Value Proposition
Hospimize will be the best hospitality solution for business travelers, day writers, and vacationers. Not only will it offer a wide range of accommodations, but will also act as a discovery platform for each user to explore various options.
Pain Points to Solve
Hospimize will aim to eliminate the pain points in the hospitality industry be providing an easier and more efficient way to compare and book accommodations, saving users time and money in the process.
Sales & Marketing Channels
We plan to leverage digital marketing campaigns through Google, Facebook & Instagram, as well as offer referral campaigns to our existing users. We will also target hospitality industry partners and travel companies for leads and partnerships.
Revenue Stream Sources
The primary source of revenue will be via commission from hospitality partners that list on the application. We will also offer in-app purchases and feature sponsorships for businesses that target our user-base.
Cost Structures
The cost structure of Hospimize includes development costs, platform hosting fees, marketing & advertising expenses, and staff & operational costs.
Key Activities
Key activities of Hospimize include website and mobile application development, refining the operational structure, user experience optimization, feature development & enhancement, and marketing & sales.
Key Resources
The key resources for Hospimize will include a development team, project management personnel, operations & customer support staff, investor capital, and proprietary data.
Key Partners
The key partners for Hospimize are hospitality industry partners and travel companies, as well as potential sponsors and any other stakeholders that are relevant to the success of the application.
Competition Landscape
The competitive landscape is in the hospitality space includes big names like Airbnb,, and more recently products like Unusual Stay and Finest Escapes. We will differentiate ourselves through our focus on business travelers and unique experiences.
Competition Advantage
Our major competitive advantage is that Hospimize will offer both a search & compare feature and a discovery feature, making it easier for users to find the perfect hospitality solution for their needs. We will also focus on providing a personal experience for each user.
Idea Validation Steps
The idea validation steps will include user interviews to understand wants & needs, market research to identify competitor strengths & weaknesses, and competitive analysis to create a novel approach.
Potential Business Challenges
The potential business challenges include user acquisition & retention, scalability of the product, technical debt of the platform, and market saturation.