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Smart Construction Robotics

Product Type
The current construction process is time consuming and can be improved with the help of technology
Market Size & User Personas
Construction industry with global revenue of $10 trillion. Personas- construction workers, engineers, architects, infrastructural developers, contractors, technology innovators, government
To use robotic technology to improve construction process with higher accuracy, fewer worker hours and reduced cost.
MVP Features
Robotic arms, remote control, feedback system, analytics software, machine learning, predictive modeling feature
Implementation Details
Robotic arms and sensing devices mounted on construction sites and hardware integrated with connected software to enable automated and real-time monitoring
Value Proposition
Lower cost, improved accuracy and safety, fewer worker hours, faster completion of projects
Pain Points to Solve
High cost, delays, personal injuries at workplace, inaccurate measurement, wastage of resources
Sales & Marketing Channels
Reliability, service-level agreements, direct sales or through qualified distributors, e-commerce platforms, public relations and media outreach
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription model, service-level agreements, sale of hardware, fabrication services and consultation
Cost Structures
Capital cost, recurring costs such as rent, salaries, insurance, maintenance, technology and software investments
Key Activities
Research and development, design and fabrication of robotic parts, project delivery, technology training, testing, and maintenance
Key Resources
Robotic parts and hardware, software, technology partners, skilled manpower, licenses, funding, certifications
Key Partners
Technology partners, research institutes, suppliers, professional services
Competition Landscape
Global competition with similar products and services from technology giants
Competition Advantage
Value for money, customisation to suit customer needs, customer experience focused
Idea Validation Steps
Customer surveys, mock-up and pilot tests, market research, focus groups, social media engagement
Potential Business Challenges
High cost of entry, high maintenance cost, slow adoption by potential users, technology performance