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Product Type
Finding suitable entertainment activities for unique occasions or events is hard for many people.
Market Size & User Personas
Our potential customers are people looking to book entertainment activities for their events, including personal and corporate functions. Our target market is people aged 18-40 who live in urban areas and use the Internet regularly to plan for events.
PlayTheRightNote is an online entertainment booking service that allows users to find and book the perfect entertainment activity for their next event/occasion.
MVP Features
Users should be able to browse through a variety of activities, narrow their choices based on their preferences, and book the desired activity directly through the app. There will also be a payment feature allowing users to pay for their entertainment activities.
Implementation Details
PlayTheRightNote will be a web-based service that can be accessed from any device. We will also create an Android and iOS mobile application for easy access on the go.
Value Proposition
PlayTheRightNote makes it easy to find and book the perfect entertainment activity for any special occasion or event. We provide users with access to a wide variety of activities, while making it quick and easy to make a booking.
Pain Points to Solve
The current process of booking entertainment for an event can be time consuming and daunting, as users may be unfamiliar with the variety of options available or the process of booking. PlayTheRightNote eliminates this problem by providing an easy to use service that makes it simple to find and book the perfect activity.
Sales & Marketing Channels
PlayTheRightNote will use a mix of online and offline channels to market its services. These channels include paid online ads, content marketing, email marketing, and social media campaigns. We will also attend local events and collaborate with local businesses to increase our presence in the market.
Revenue Stream Sources
We plan to generate revenue by charging a commission on all bookings made through the platform. We will also incorporate a subscription model for regular/frequent users.
Cost Structures
The main costs associated with PlayTheRightNote will include web hosting fees, software development costs, and marketing expenses. We will also need to factor in the cost of customer support services and any external services such as payment processing.
Key Activities
PlayTheRightNote will require regular activities such as website/app maintenance, marketing campaigns, customer support, and content creation.
Key Resources
The key resources needed to launch PlayTheRightNote include a development team to create the website/app, a marketing team to promote the services, and customer support to answer user queries.
Key Partners
We plan to partner with other businesses in the entertainment industry to provide our users with access to a variety of services. These partners could include production companies, venues, and other entertainment providers.
Competition Landscape
The entertainment industry is highly competitive and there are several existing booking platforms. These include FunBooth, Venuu, and GigMasters.
Competition Advantage
Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide users with a streamlined and seamless booking process. We also believe that our user-friendly apps and customer support services will set us apart from the competition.
Idea Validation Steps
We plan to validate our idea through market research activities such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups. We will also use A/B testing to gauge user reactions to various features.
Potential Business Challenges
The main challenge we may face is the establishment of a recognizable brand. Additionally, we may encounter difficulties in our marketing efforts and user acquisition due to the highly competitive nature of the industry.