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Fashion App

Product Type
Inability to quickly source latest fashion trends and track what is available in the market.
Market Size & User Personas
Fashion conscious consumers looking for high-end and latest trends easily.
An iPhone and Android App designed to enable users to quickly find and browse through the latest fashion trends.
MVP Features
A mobile app with an interactive user interface that allows users to search for and peruse fashion trends by categories for easily zeroing-in on the trend they are looking for. An option to stay updated on the latest trends in the market.
Implementation Details
The mobile application will be developed for both iOS and Android platforms using software development platforms like App Store, Google Play Store, iTunes Connect etc.
Value Proposition
An easy and efficient way for fashion-conscious customers to stay updated with the latest trends in the market.
Pain Points to Solve
Lack of an efficient way of isolating the latest fashion trends in the market.
Sales & Marketing Channels
AppStore, Google Play Store, iTunes Connect, Fashion Brand Websites, Social Media Platforms, Public Relations
Revenue Stream Sources
In-app purchases, Ads, Subscriptions, Data Analysis/Consumer Insights
Cost Structures
Development Cost, Infrastructure, Support, Cloud Computing, Sales/Marketing/Advertising Money
Key Activities
Development of mobile app, Testing & QA, Maintenance, User Experience Research & Design, UI/UX Design Improvements
Key Resources
Experts in app development, Expertise in Cloud Computing, Design & Creative Team, UX Designers, Market Analysts, Support Engineers
Key Partners
Fashion Brands, Content Creators, Industry Analysts, Retail Outlets, Advertising/Media Houses, Research firms
Competition Landscape
Hashtags, Fashion Designer Apps, Instagram, Pinterest
Competition Advantage
User-friendly interface, Comprehensive fashion trends cataloguing with detailed product information, Integrations with popular social media platforms and fashion websites for promotions
Idea Validation Steps
Interviewing fashion-conscious customers to assess needs, Analyzing trends on existing fashion platforms, Utilizing analytics/insights to understand consumer preferences and track product popularities, Understanding technology capabilities and limitations; assessing feasibility of building a mobile application
Potential Business Challenges
Developing a comprehensive product catalogue and keeping it updated with the latest trends, Designing an intuitive UI/UX with the right monetization capabilities, Securing partnerships with key fashion brands, Outreach through sales/marketing/advertising channels, Gaining user traction and engagement