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Smart City Infrastructure

Product Type
Inadequate infrastructure leads to poorer quality of life in cities
Market Size & User Personas
All cities, governments, and their citizens
Development of a city-wide integrated infrastructure that incorporates different areas and platforms of urban living, such as energy, transport, healthcare, and education.
MVP Features
A cloud-based platform for managing and monitoring energy use, transportation infrastructure, healthcare delivery, and educational resources.
Implementation Details
Working with cities to create a blueprint for their smart cities; deploying IoT and sensors to monitor the infrastructure; connecting different areas of the city.
Value Proposition
Reducing costs of infrastructure, while improving efficiency and quality of life in cities.
Pain Points to Solve
Inadequate public infrastructure, lack of efficiency in public services, and lack of communication between different areas of a city
Sales & Marketing Channels
Government channels, direct sales, advertising, networking
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscriptions, contracts from government agencies, and consultancy services
Cost Structures
Software and hardware costs, employee costs, offices, and marketing
Key Activities
Developing the technology, networking with the governments, acquiring users, and providing customer service
Key Resources
Software engineers, hardware components, staff, and office spaces
Key Partners
Technology providers, government agencies, and universities
Competition Landscape
Other smart city infrastructure providers in the market
Competition Advantage
The ability to integrate wider aspects of life, such as healthcare, into one platform
Idea Validation Steps
Interviewing city administrators, local businesses, and citizens to understand the current infrastructure and their needs; researching competitive products and features; and prototyping the product with limited features
Potential Business Challenges
High upfront costs, long implementation times, and difficulty in integrating different areas