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Legal Shielded

Product Type
Lack of access to affordable legal services
Market Size & User Personas
47.5 million U.S. households that do not have access to an attorney due to cost constraints. Personas include low-income families, small business owners, immigrants, marginalized communities, and students.
A subscription-based platform that offers online access to legal advice and representation at an affordable rate
MVP Features
Web-based platform, e-signature and online document generation capabilities, basic and customized legal advice, online chat support, tracking of legal cases and out of pocket expenses, community ratings for attorneys, security and HIPAA compliance.
Implementation Details
Develop the website and web-based platform, research and implement the e-signature and online document generation capabilities, find reliable legal advice providers and attorneys, setup tracking of legal cases and out of pocket expenses, on-board user personas and market to them.
Value Proposition
An affordable service that removes the barriers associated with access to legal representation.
Pain Points to Solve
High cost of legal services, lack of online access, lack of legal advice from knowledgeable lawyers, and difficulty in tracking legal cases.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, email campaigns, legal websites and forums, and partnerships with social service organizations and non-profits.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription fees, legal services costs, performance-based fees, and advertisement sales
Cost Structures
Initial development costs, infrastructure renewal costs, marketing and promotion costs, operation costs, hiring fees, and legal services costs.
Key Activities
Develop web-based platform, find reliable lawyers, generate marketing campaigns, build partnerships, on-board user personas, and track legal cases.
Key Resources
Development and technology resources, marketing and sales specialists, customer service team, reliable lawyers, network of legal aid providers, and technical support staff.
Key Partners
External legal teams, lawyer networks, social service organizations and non-profits, and partner businesses.
Competition Landscape
Player such as Avvo, Legalzoom, and Ombudsman.
Competition Advantage
Greater variety of legal services, combination of online access and personalized services, better tracking capabilities, and access to legal aid partners.
Idea Validation Steps
Market research into user pain points, legal services analysis, competitor analysis, indicators of product/market fit, user testing, and beta testing.
Potential Business Challenges
Liability and legal implications, changing legal landscape, identifying customer problems, obtaining access to qualified lawyers, and ensuring security and privacy of user data.