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Product Type
Underemployment and skill gaps in the technology industry despite the vast availability of knowledge resources.
Market Size & User Personas
Users within the technology industry ranging from graduates to professionals looking to learn new skills or adapt to changing market requirements.
An online platform for the technology industry to provide skill based courses through a robust and secure learning platform.
MVP Features
Secure login system for users, Dashboard for tracking progress, interactive courses with forums, Assessments for quizzes and examinations, Analytics section for users to view their progress and certificates for completion.
Implementation Details
Integration with existing portal like LMS, use of proven technologies like HTML/CSS/Javascript, integration with paypal and other credit card services enabled by API for payments, use of firebase as backend.
Value Proposition
Provide a comprehensive learning experience for users by offering access to courses from industry experts and providing personalized mentorship to the students.
Pain Points to Solve
Reduce the cost of learning new skills by providing interactive courses with industry experts at a fraction of the cost of traditional education.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media campaigns, organic searches, email campaigns, online forums, banner advertisement.
Revenue Stream Sources
Monthly subscription fees, Individual course sale, In-app advertisements.
Cost Structures
Cost of development, maintenance, hosting, marketing.
Key Activities
Developing the learning platform, bringing quality courses on the platform, marketing the platform and developing partnership programs.
Key Resources
A skilled team of software developers, content writers, marketing and design.
Key Partners
Partnerships with universities, online course creators, software developers, industry insiders and technology experts.
Competition Landscape
Udemy, Pluralsight, Codecademy, Treehouse.
Competition Advantage
Lower cost for learning courses, more interactive element, personalized mentorship for users.
Idea Validation Steps
Creating a market survey to understand the target audience, organizing focus group discussions to understand user behavior and preferences, creating a minimum viable product and getting early feedback from potential users.
Potential Business Challenges
Securing quality content and course advisors to keep the platform up to date and engaging, developing partnerships with industry insider to increase market penetration, dealing with competition with established players.