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Reusable Solar Panels

Product Type
The cost and complexity of buying and setting up solar panels.
Market Size & User Personas
Cuurently, the solar panel market is worth ~ $40 billion worldwide, and is growing rapidly. Our primary user personas are households, business and public buildings seeking to transition to renewable energy sources.
Design, manufacture and distribute a range of plug-and-play solar panels that require no assembly, and can be used both outside and in.
MVP Features
Our MVP features include a range of modular, easy to install solar panels, simple engineering manuals and adequate customer support.
Implementation Details
The solar panels will be made out of steel, have a variety of sizes, and will be mounted on an adjustable stand. The customer wiring will be simple, and manuals will provide instructions on mounting the panels.
Value Proposition
Our solar panels provide solutions to the pressing issue of large scale energy usage and pollution; they are affordable, quick and easy to install and maintain, and require no assembly.
Pain Points to Solve
The current solar panel market is highly complex and expensive. Our solution solves the pain points of solar panels, which is the cost and complexity.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Our primary sales and marketing channels include local and online retailers, public buildings and organizations, and direct sales to households.
Revenue Stream Sources
Our primary revenue stream sources will come through initial sales of the solar panels, as well as a monthly subscription service for energy monitoring, maintenance and repairs.
Cost Structures
Our costs will include the design and manufacture of the solar panels, an engineering team, customer support, marketing and advertising, distribution chains, monthly subscription service costs and overhead expenses.
Key Activities
The key activities for our business will include designs and prototyping of the solar panels, customer support, marketing and advertising, distributing and sales, engineering, subscription service management and financial management.
Key Resources
The key resources for our business include the engineering team, customer support, distribution and sales channels, customer relations, marketing and advertising, and financial management.
Key Partners
Our key partners will include suppliers of the materials for the solar panels, energy providers, local and online retailers, and public buildings and organizations.
Competition Landscape
The solar panel market is competitive, with a wide range of brands selling solar panels. Our competitive advantage lies in the ease of installation and use.
Competition Advantage
Our reusable solar panels require no assembly and are easy to install and maintain, making them the ideal product for households, businesses and public buildings.
Idea Validation Steps
We will validate our idea through research on current products, feedback from current customers and potential customers, and competitor analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
Potential business challenges include a rapidly changing marketplace, the need to keep costs low, and staying ahead of the competition.