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Sport Me Up

Product Type
People lack access to reliable and comprehensive fitness advice and routines to reach their sports goals.
Market Size & User Personas
The target audience includes people who want to reach specific sports-related goals such as building strength, increasing endurance, improving performance, etc. The estimated market size is around $60B.
Sport Me Up is a mobile application that provides tailored fitness advice and routines to users to reach their sports goals.
MVP Features
For the MVP, the application will include an interactive exercise journaling feature, video tutorials, and personalized understandings. The application will also provide access to experts and coaches.
Implementation Details
The application will be implemented using a combination of React Native and Node.js for the frontend and backend. It will use Amazon Web Services for hosting and Cloudfront for data storage.
Value Proposition
Sport Me Up will be the go-to platform for those looking for a convenient and comprehensive solution to their sports needs.
Pain Points to Solve
The pain points that Sport Me Up seeks to address are lack of reliable information, lack of tailored workout plans, and lack of access to experts and coaches.
Sales & Marketing Channels
The primary marketing channels will be search engine ads, social media ads, and influencer marketing. The sales channels will include in-app purchases as well as physical products such as home gyms, training gear, etc.
Revenue Stream Sources
The primary source of revenue for Sport Me Up will be in-app purchases, subscriptions, and physical products. The company will also earn revenue from advertising.
Cost Structures
The main costs for the business will be development, hosting, and advertising. The company will also need to hire staff for customer service and marketing.
Key Activities
The key activities required to operate Sport Me Up include development activities, hosting, marketing, customer service, and product management.
Key Resources
The key resources required to operate Sport Me Up include personnel for development, customer service, and marketing as well as necessary technology and infrastructure.
Key Partners
The key partners required to operate Sport Me Up include fitness coaches, equipment providers, and activities people for video tutorials.
Competition Landscape
The main competitors in the market include traditional fitness and sports gyms as well as digital content platforms targeting fitness enthusiasts.
Competition Advantage
The main advantage of Sport Me Up is its comprehensive approach to fitness and sports, providing users with tailored advice and routines as well as access to experts and coaches.
Idea Validation Steps
The idea will be validated through user-testing, interviews, customer surveys, and data analysis.
Potential Business Challenges
The potential business challenges for Sport Me Up include acquiring users, developing a comprehensive fitness library, and maintaining customer engagement over time.