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Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Type
Lack of reliable, accurate, and affordable monitoring for individuals with hypertension
Market Size & User Personas
48% of the US population have hypertension, people between 18-44 and over 65 especially stand to benefit from technologies addressing this condition
A wristband device that monitors and stores vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG data and syncs with associated mobile application for ease of accessibility
MVP Features
Device will have Pulse Oximetry to measure oxygen saturation, vibration and sound to alert user to abnormal readings, light LCD display, wireless Bluetooth connectivity to mobile app
Implementation Details
Hardware designed and manufactured by third-party vendors, mobile app created by in-house engineering team, cloud platform storage and server for data syncing
Value Proposition
A single wristband device that allows users to track vital signs in the comfort of their own home without sacrificing accuracy or affordability
Pain Points to Solve
Increase in accuracy of blood pressure readings, reduce cost of monitoring, and provide ease of accessibility to results
Sales & Marketing Channels
Online channels such as Amazon and Apple Store; offline channels via pharmacies, healthcare providers, and retail stores
Revenue Stream Sources
Direct sales of device, associated subscription services, sale of vital sign data to research firms or third-party companies
Cost Structures
Manufacturing costs, engineering costs, marketing expenses, customer service costs, licensing and royalty costs
Key Activities
Product development, customer acquisition, data analysis, providing technical support, creating marketing and promotional campaigns
Key Resources
Software and hardware engineers, marketing and sales teams, customer service personnel, customer data analysts, cloud platform experts
Key Partners
Device manufacturers, mobile application developers, data scientists, cloud providers, marketing firms, research firms
Competition Landscape
Currently the market is scattered with fitness-based products and wristband devices with minimal features for tracking vital signs
Competition Advantage
A single wristband device with accurate readings and affordable pricing
Idea Validation Steps
Business research, collecting market data, surveying target users, early prototyping and testing, competitive analysis, customer feedback
Potential Business Challenges
Need for regulatory approval, data security and privacy risks, competition from established companies, resources and costs to bring product to market