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Smart Finder

Product Type
How can offline retailers capitalize on the convenience of online shopping?
Market Size & User Personas
Mid-sized to large brick-and-mortar stores with an emphasis on convenience. Target demographic consists of millennials, business professionals, and other individuals that prefer online shopping without sacrificing time.
Smart Finder is an artificial intelligence enabled device that automatically locates physical products in retail stores for customers.
MVP Features
An AI search engine with a clean interface and easy-to-understand instructions. Results page will provide customers with product availability, location, shelf placement, and a map guiding customers to the item. A “recent searches” tab will display searches previously made by the customer.
Implementation Details
The Smart Finder device will be comprised of an AI search engine and an automated miniature robot that scours the store for items on-demand. Additionally, digital displays with instructions and product information will be integrated into the device.
Value Proposition
Smart Finder will enable customers to shop in a brick-and-mortar store with the same convenience as online shopping.
Pain Points to Solve
Sales & Marketing Channels
Direct sales to retailers, ecommerce websites, and payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
Revenue Stream Sources
Revenue will be generated from product sales, in-app purchases, and commission.
Cost Structures
Production, maintenance and upgrade costs, marketing and advertising costs, staffing and personnel costs.
Key Activities
Research and development of product, manufacture and supply of product, marketing and advertising, customer service support for product.
Key Resources
Hardware and software components for the device, personnel and staffing on production and sales, marketing and advertising budget.
Key Partners
Payment gateways, retailers, ecommerce sites.
Competition Landscape
Retailers like Walmart and Amazon are already leveraging AI and robotics to locate items in their stores, however, our device is more user-friendly and provides customers with an interactive map showing them the exact location of the item they are looking for.
Competition Advantage
The Smart Finder device is simpler and more user-friendly than competing technologies, providing customers with a more interactive experience when searching for items.
Idea Validation Steps
Survey existing customers to gauge their need and interest in the device. Release a beta version of the device and collect feedback from users. Launch a crowdfunding campaign to gauge interest in the device and to secure funds for production.
Potential Business Challenges
High production costs, stiff competition from existing retailers, and difficulty obtaining traction in the market.