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Live Online Education Platform

Product Type
Limiting physical access to higher education due to geography and the current pandemic.
Market Size & User Personas
Worldwide population of college students and individuals looking to gain educational training online.
Provide a subscription based service which grants access to personalized digital lessons, interactive courses, and qualified mentors and tutors.
MVP Features
Video lessons, course exchange, mentorship opportunities, message board and support services.
Implementation Details
Cloud based platform where users can explore and access their chosen courses, exchange notes, and connect with mentors.
Value Proposition
Offer accessible, convenient, and interactive educational experience.
Pain Points to Solve
Make it easier for users to gain educational access, increase learning efficiency by providing personal attention, and create a community of learners.
Sales & Marketing Channels
Social media, targeted internet advertising, and promotional partnerships.
Revenue Stream Sources
Subscription and one-time fees, commission from tutors and mentors, educational materials available in exchange
Cost Structures
Development and maintenance costs, marketing and advertising costs, commission rates for mentors and tutors.
Key Activities
Marketing, technology development and maintenance, customer service, public relations.
Key Resources
Education resources, qualified mentors and tutors, IT professionals and developers.
Key Partners
Qualified mentors and tutors, education providers, and tech companies.
Competition Landscape
Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera, Lynda, YouTube Education.
Competition Advantage
Partnerships with educational providers, personalized experiences, and mentorship features.
Idea Validation Steps
Reach out to target market and ask for feedback, measure traffic and conversion rates, find out what features users are looking for.
Potential Business Challenges
Quality assurance, meeting customer demand, long term monetization efforts.