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Product Type
Consumer awareness about eco-friendly products and behaviours is low, making it difficult to make environment-friendly decisions when it matters the most.
Market Size & User Personas
The eco-friendly market is estimated to be worth $992 billion USD. The main user persona of EcoGuide will be young adults between 20 and 35, living in urban areas. However, the app can also be useful to companies and organisations that are interested in tracking their environmental performance.
EcoGuide is an application that provides users with eco-friendly product and behavioural choices as well as monitoring their environmental performance.
MVP Features
Information rating system which shows environmental performance according to how eco-friendly the product or behaviour is; ability to track carbon footprint; display relevant eco-friendly campaigns and promotions; tracking of user’s eco-friendly performances;
Implementation Details
The app will be developed for both iOS and Android platforms. Backend system will be hosted on cloud services. Automatic data collection will be done for every user’s environmental performance. Authentication processes will be necessary to protect users’ data.
Value Proposition
By using EcoGuide, users will be presented with contextual recommendations based on their individual performance, helping them to live more sustainable lives without compromising their lifestyle. Businesses and organisation can also use the application for tracking their environmental performance, as well as participating in eco-friendly campaigns.
Pain Points to Solve
EcoGuide can help to solve the lack of available information when it comes to eco-friendly product and behavioural decisions. The tracking of environment performance also provides an understanding of how people are contributing to either degradation or conservation of the environment.
Sales & Marketing Channels
EcoGuide will use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach potential users. For businesses and organisations, direct outreach through emails and telephone calls will be used for sales and marketing activities.
Revenue Stream Sources
Main revenue stream for EcoGuide will be from in-app advertisements, subscription fees for businesses and organisations, and commissions on sales of eco-friendly products.
Cost Structures
Costs of developing the app will be incurred during the development phase. Other operational costs include cloud hosting, promotional content & activities, customer service, and employee wages.
Key Activities
Product development, marketing & promotion, customer service, data analysis & reporting.
Key Resources
Development resources, customer support team, data analytics team.
Key Partners
Partnerships with eco-friendly businesses, organizations, and campaigns to promote and provide access to EcoGuide.
Competition Landscape
Existing competitors in the market include Environmental Defenders, Good Guide, and OnePlanet.
Competition Advantage
EcoGuide will provide users with a smarter recommendation system based on their individual environmental performance, more detailed information about eco-friendly products, and tracking of user’s carbon footprint.
Idea Validation Steps
Conducting market research, surveys with potential customers, setting up a landing page & blog for testing, and developing a clickable prototype.
Potential Business Challenges
Potential challenges include user acquisition and retention, lack of resources and budget for development and marketing, and developing meaningful partnerships.